Everything We Know About the ‘Taylor Swift: Eras Tour’ Film

Get Excited About the Upcoming Taylor Swift: Eras Tour - the Details
Everything We Know About the ‘Taylor Swift: Eras Tour’ Film

The real live Eras Tour might have passed this summer, but there’s still another chance for fans who missed it to see all what it was all about; there is a film coming out! It will follow Taylor Swift’s entire tour series, showcasing the experience, and those fans who weren’t able to attend the tour itself will be able to see what they missed!

Who Did the Filming?

We already know the film will be spectacular because of the person who was in charge of directing it. If you’ve watched Billie Eilish Live at the O2 or Lizzo: Live in Concert, you may be familiar with him.

Sam Wrench - Director
Who Did the Filming

Sam Wrench was the director. He filmed the tour, focusing mainly on the three-part Californian tour at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.

What About the Strike?

As we all know, there is a strike going on right now involving the movie industry, which might have been worrisome for a while. However, the SAG-AFTRA organization has, in fact, given the green light for Taylor’s film to continue its production.

When Will the Film Be Released?

Fans can expect the film to come out soon; October 13th of this year, to be precise.

SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California
When Will the Film Be Released?

A spooky date for a spectacular show, wouldn’t you say? Fans will patiently have to wait for the global release date.

There Is a Trailer Available

Even though there is no streaming of the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour film just yet, and it probably won’t be available until after the fantastic production has been released in theaters, fans can enjoy the trailer. It’s available online, so if you want to know what you’ll be in for, find it and enjoy a short clip of what’s to come!

There Is a Trailer Available

Whether you’ve attended the Eras Tour in real life or are waiting for the movie, you’ll get to have a spectacular view of the entire series! If you did attend the concerts, the film will give you a chance to reminisce. If you haven’t, you’ll get a glance at the wonderful tour series!