Man Proves That Living at a Resort Is Cheaper Than Paying Rent

Image by mrsiraphol on Freepik

We all have bills to pay, and we know how expensive this can be sometimes. Ben Keenan has come up with the genius idea of staying at an all-inclusive resort as it is apparently cheaper than all his living expenses in America. Read on to find out how much he pays a month.

Is Living at a Resort Cheaper?

Keenan posted a video on TikTok about his life at an all-inclusive resort. He shares that it’s actually a lot cheaper living this way than paying for his apartment. It all started out of curiosity. Ben made a list of all his living expenses, like rent, utilities, and groceries, as he wanted to see if living at a resort could be a better deal. It turned out that he was paying $4k a month.

TikTok // @ivebentraveling

Then, he researched for a bit and found a resort in Cancun, Mexico, where he could stay for $4,460 per month. Yes, the price is slightly higher — but it is fair, in his opinion. He then found an even better deal at the Coral Costa Caribe Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic. The price was only $3,175.

The Benefits of Resort Living

Another suggestion Ben gave was to opt for a pricier holiday but share it with someone else and stay in a standard double room. It seems like TikTok users who watched the clip found the idea great. Many of them even pointed out other benefits apart from the lower price, like that you won’t have to clean your rooms, you won’t have to care for the lawn, and you’ll have unlimited access to the swimming pool.

TikTok // @ivebentraveling

The best part is that as soon as you get bored, you can find another resort to stay at. Another user said this would be very convenient for remote workers, too. No more cooking and grocery shopping, either. The question now is who is brave enough to take the plunge!