How Couples Can Make Weddings More Affordable for Guests

Getting invited to a wedding of a dear friend or family member is a true honor. But if you’re invited to several weddings in a year, the costs really add up, making it more of a burden than the enjoyable event it’s meant to be. Luckily, couples can try some simple ways to make the special day more affordable for their guests.

Expert Tips for Affordable Weddings

How Couples Can Make Weddings More Affordable for Guests

If you wish to make sure your guests don’t have to break the bank to attend your special day, try some of these tips. They’re brought to you by experienced wedding planner Alicia Fritz. Here are some easy ways to make weddings easier on the pocket for guests and everyone else.

Allocate the Budget Carefully

In today’s world, getting married at a distant location is more than normal. But it can be excruciatingly expensive for your guests. Some considerations are due if you want everyone you care about to be at the wedding. One of the easiest ways to ensure it is by taking care of guests’ flights and stay. Sure, it’s a lot to pay for, but you can make a group reservation for the flight and stay. Most air travel companies offer discounts when people travel in groups, and the same applies to hotel stays. Fritz also recommends seeking a travel agent because paying for groups and making group reservations can be tricky.

Consider Coordination Housing

Ideally, couples can make weddings more affordable for guests by taking care of their stay, especially if they’re traveling from a great distance. There’s no need to break the bank renting a whole hotel, either. Couples can really think out of the box here. For example, they can rent a camp that’ll fit their camp-themed wedding. Of course, you can always rent large homes that can accommodate several families.

Ride-Share or Car Service

If you’ve decided on a domestic wedding, you might want to consider arranging transportation for your guests. Getting a hotel and a present can be hard enough for some people, but costs definitely add up when people also have to get to and back from the venue. A car service can be exactly what you need to make your guests happy. Fritz has attended many weddings with shared rides and car services and recommends figuring out the logistics beforehand to figure out the fastest route.