Social Media Cleansing and What Can a Person Expect From It

According to statistics, people spend two and a half hours per day on average on social media. So, it comes as no surprise that things like social app cleansing guides have started to emerge online. The detox is essentially abstaining from using any social media for a given period of time. If you’re looking to ditch Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, at least for a while, this helpful guide is for you.

Advantages of Social Media Detox

Social Media Cleansing and What Can a Person Expect From It

Studies have shown that using social media has a negative effect on a person’s mind. It can affect our mental health, as well as increase stress levels and lead to mood swings. As you can see, there’s a good reason to want some time off social apps. In fact, ditching Facebook and Instagram even for a couple of days can help you feel much better about yourself.

A study from Denmark has determined that quitting social media for one week encourages positive changes in a person’s life, including experiencing higher life satisfaction and more positive emotions. Furthermore, the study found the effects were especially evident among passive Facebook users and those who envy friends or family members on social platforms.

Going Beyond Just the Detox

Taking a break from social media is especially helpful to those who believe using platforms like Facebook or Instagram interfere with their lives. If you’re feeling down, keep in mind that going off Instagram might not solve the problem.

Researchers say many studies that reveal the positive effects of going off social media require further research before conclusive results can be determined. In addition, some of the people who’ve tried staying off social platforms for a while are less satisfied than they thought they’d be. So, ditching Facebook for a week might not be the most suitable solution for your mental health after all.