40+ Male Celebrities That We Can’t Decide if We Like Better With or Without Beards

This article appeared in www.instantlymodern.com and has been published here with permission.
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Most male celebrities have reached that celeb status position due to their talent… and their looks. Call it what you will; Hollywood requires certain things from its stars to be successful. Here’s the thing — some celebs can change up their looks and look just as good! We’re taking a look at some male celebrities with and without their beards. It’ll be tough to decide which you prefer. Let’s get to it!

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell graced us with his acting and shined brightly on screen. We remember the iconic roles he played and his fresh face even more. Colin continued grabbing our attention, especially in his performance in In Bruges, with his baby face.

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Growing out his hair and beard, the Irish actor looks totally different. We can still point him out thanks to his piercing eyes and charming smile, but we hope he emerges from behind his beard and dazzles us again.

Ben Affleck

Throughout most of Ben Affleck’s roles, we’ve enjoyed his devilish smile, magnetic energy, and fresh face. Although his early work had him portraying rougher characters, we admired his acting, style, and striking good looks. They grabbed our attention early on.

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Fast forward to Ben’s updated look as he proudly wears his beard. We admire his confidence but are brokenhearted, thinking how much his beard hides his handsome features. With a salt and pepper beard, we long for the cleanly shaven look.

Chris Pine

Chris Pine, known for his modern portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek film series, wowed us with his deep blue eyes, handsome smile, and charming personality. This look is the quintessential Pine we have adored all these years.

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Wanting to look more distinguished, Chris Pine has chosen to grow a full beard that shows off that handsome salt-and-pepper look creeping in. Although we’ve grown to adore Pine’s younger charm, we can’t help being taken in by his new look.

David Harbour

Playing a somewhat inept police officer in Stranger Things, David Harbour sported a circle beard on the show. As the seasons progressed, we saw David’s character being put into more perilous situations and circumstances. We liked the ’80s style that matched the show’s setting.

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Occasionally, if the role requires, David will shave his new beard. Whether walking the red carpet or out on the town, the actor prefers donning a beard and mustache as thick as possible. We approve, as the new look sets him apart from the rest.